We offer companies a full range of services for successful business in Türkiye.

About services

We offer a wide range of services for Czech companies looking to expand into Turkey. We screen potential business partners through the company registry, verify the physical location of companies or the quality of products offered, prepare analyses for companies before entering the Turkish market, find reliable business partners and many more. We also represent several companies, which we then represent at trade fairs and other important events that lead to the successful business deal.

Contact us and let's start your journey to the Turkish market together.

Initiation meeting

Initial introduction, presentation of the companies, definition of objectives. Meeting in person in Türkiye or Czech Republic, or via standard communication platforms.


DiMedex will prepare a document describing Türkiye and its market in general terms, defining the main competitors, suggesting the way forward.

Follow-up meeting

Evaluation of the document, definition of DiMedex's role in your expansion into Turkey and signing of contracts

Commercial activities

Commercial representation and other contractually agreed activities. Regular communication and evaluation of success of short and long term goals.