Expand Your Business to Türkiye

If you’re looking to expand your business to Türkiye, our services will help you better understand the specifics of what it takes to make your business successful in this growing country’s market.

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Our goal is to be the first choice for Czech companies looking to grow their business in Türkiye. Our desire is to be play an important role in the development of Czech-Turkish trade and we strive to provide a professional environment where partnerships are developed and innovative products can be accessible in both markets.

Marek Babulík, founder of the company, Chairman of the Board of Directors

About DiMedex

DiMedex is an experienced international company founded in 2017 that is based in Istanbul. DiMedex is mainly focused on consulting and representing Czech companies who are desiring to expand into the Turkish market. We are bold, creative, and always seeking the best approach to help make the most of your business overseas. Although DiMedex primarily focuses on exporting a variety of different products from the Czech Republic to Türkiye, it has also helped Turkish companies export to the Czech Republic on several different occasions

In the initial phase, DiMedex provides Czech companies with an overview of the Turkish market along with insider tips regarding the business culture differences and how to navigate them well. During further negotiations, DiMedex researches prime opportunities about how and when to enter the Turkish market and the most effective route to quickly establish a new business. DiMedex's main service is to provide direct business representation where it contractually represents your Czech company in Türkiye and strategically helps you set up a new branch with ease and professionalism. DiMedex’s services also include legal consulting related to the registration and sale of commodities, exhibition of products and networking at trade fairs, and actively seeking other opportunities to help your business be a success. We are an active member in the Chamber of Commerce here in Türkiye and are maintaining relationships with others in our fields of business to stay on top of the latest trends. We are looking forward to partnering with you to expand your business in Türkiye!

Marek Babulík

Since my youth, I have been able to see a business opportunity and make it profitable. I started working abroad at the age of fifteen and knew I was made to work in an international community. I really enjoyed the challenge of manoeuvring among different languages and people groups in English, and that led me to go abroad to the United States to participate in the Work and Travel program. During college I first came to Türkiye through the Erasmus program and was immediately intrigued by the country’s business potential. After an initial work internship in Istanbul and graduating with a Master of Laws degree, I decided to capitalise on my experience of the Turkish market and culture and moved to Türkiye.

I founded DiMedex initially as an import-export business for medical supplies. As my business here in Türkiye grew, I realised there were other competitive opportunities in the ICT and defence industry. All of my experience, combined with my knowledge of Turkish and English, drives me to keep improving and conquering whatever new challenges come my way. Currently my main role in the company is representing Czech companies here in Türkiye and to continue providing consistent quality services both here and abroad. I have a competent team responsible for the legal, accounting, and logistical aspects of the business. I’m eager to connect with you and see how we can grow an international business together!